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Insanity Checkpoint: Final Fit Test

After moving through Insanity at my own pace since the second week of July, I finally completed the last session today. I’ve provided my results below, comparing the first Fit Test to the last. (Move – Fit Test 1 / Fit Test 5) Switch Kicks – 40 / 65 Power Jacks – 40 / 54 […]

Insanity Checkpoint: Fit Test 4

After a Friday night spent resting on my cherished off day from Insanity, I knew I wanted to tackle today’s Fit Test. You’ll remember from the last time I did the Fit Test that I felt incredibly weak and nauseous. So far, this fourth Fit Test has been my most impressive to date. Not only […]

Insanity Checkpoint: Fit Test 3

I’m happy to report I managed to improve results in every one of the eight maneuvers that comprise Fit Test 3 in the Insanity fitness challenge. You may remember how I was somewhat disappointed that I only got seven out of eight in Fit Test 2. Here are my results: (Move – Fit Test 1 / […]