Insanity Checkpoint: Fit Test 2

I began the Insanity workout several weeks ago and have noticed some improvements so far.

Yesterday was my second Fit Test, and here are the results.

(Move – Fit Test 1 / Fit Test 2)

Switch Kicks – 40 / 51

Power Jacks – 40/42

Power Knees – 67 / 80

Power Jumps – 13 / 25

Globe Jumps – 5 / 7

Suicide Jumps – 7 / 10

Pushup Jacks – 20 / 20 (at which point I muttered an expletive when I realized I hadn’t improved that number)

Low Plank Oblique – 34 / 44

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My main disappointment so far is that I don’t feel like I’m seeing results. No six-pack yet. I took pictures on the day I started and after this Fit Test, and didn’t notice much of anything. Maybe it’s the bad lighting.

For the record, I’m not doing the workouts as prescribed. With two or three martial arts classes per week, I’m not counting those in my Insanity workout plan. I’ll actually wind up taking somewhat longer than 60 days because of that. This is good for a few reasons. One, it extends the length of this routine. Two, it means I’m physically active for periods of more than a week at a time.

I’m also not following along with the nutrition guide. I don’t feel like I eat a whole lot of junk, but I totally realize I could be doing more to supplement this training.

Where are you at in your Insanity workouts? Have you seen improvements in your performance? Is anybody actually doing Insanity with the goal of doing a foot or bike race afterward? Let me know what you’re seeing.


  • Joe Chianakas

    July 29, 2012 @ 10:59 pm

    There are 3 main changes you’ll see when doing these type of programs: neuromuscular, metabolic, and cardio-respiratory. Based on your fit test results, you are seeing awesome neuromuscular changes, which basically means you increasing the body’s ability to do explosive, high-energy exercises. In other words, your strength and power are increasing! Clearly, you are also making cardio-respiratory changes, or changes in your aerobic endurance (your fit test shows that your heart and lungs are getting stronger). Metabolic changes produce the greatest physiological changes in the body, like bigger muscles or the six-pack to which you refer.

    Take pride in your improvement. You are getting stronger, and the fit test is designed to show those improvements, even if you are not seeing the six pack in the mirror as of yet 🙂

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