Month: May 2011

Reworking my Warrior Dash training: Week 4

After last week’s brush with injuries and knowing how much time exercising five days a week is going to take up, I’ve decided to adjust my Warrior Dash training. Instead of running five days a week, I’ll be reducing that number to three. I feel like I can make just as much progress if I […]

Nagging injuries pile up: Week 3 of Warrior Dash training

Instead of running two miles this morning, as I had intended, I’m writing this blog. Last night, I innocently stubbed my toe on a step. Pain shot through the joint at which the base of my toe meets the ball of my foot. This spot has ached on and off for a year, with the […]

1 down, 5 to go: Week 2 of training for the Warrior Dash

Last week got off to a good start, but soon went downhill. I did okay if you just look at the numbers. I ran four out of the five times I had set for myself and lifted dumbbells two out of three times. But it wasn’t easy. Not because my Week 1 goal of a […]

Week 1: Training for the Warrior Dash

School is basically done. And that means it’s time for two things: blogging and working out. For this post, I’ll combine the two. In six weeks, I’ll be doing the Warrior Dash for the first time. The concept is one of the damndest things I’ve ever heard of – a 5K obstacle course where you […]