Month: June 2011

5 tips to boost your Warrior Dash training

Last week, I ran the Warrior Dash for the first time with a group of friends. I’m not a runner, so the thought of doing a 5K obstacle course seemed a bit daunting. I decided I needed to prepare myself. Since running the Dash, I’ve also included a few other tips to help future warriors. […]

The final countdown: 6 days until the Warrior Dash

We are just six days away from the Warrior Dash. And my training wasn’t up to the level it was last week. On the positive side, I ran three times. I clocked 3 miles and 3.5 miles continuously on separate days. Between those runs, I tried to run at the time our race is, though […]

Great success: Week 5 of Warrior Dash training

Last week, I mentioned how I was planning on retooling my workout routine. And it worked out great. I ran and lifted three days each this week. Sure, I wasn’t running five days a week as I’d originally planned. But I feel I had more time to recharge in between runs. In fact, after two […]