Insanity Checkpoint: Final Fit Test

After moving through Insanity at my own pace since the second week of July, I finally completed the last session today. I’ve provided my results below, comparing the first Fit Test to the last.

(Move – Fit Test 1 / Fit Test 5)

Switch Kicks – 40 / 65

Power Jacks – 40 / 54

Power Knees – 67 / 100

Power Jumps – 13 / 40

Globe Jumps – 5 / 12

Suicide Jumps – 7 / 20

Pushup Jacks – 20 / 30

Low Plank Oblique – 34 / 62

I’m very satisfied with myself on my progress. I felt like I was in pretty decent shape before starting this, but if these are exercises are any measure of fitness, I think I did pretty well.

I’m glad it’s over. Not because I didn’t like the program, but because I have other interests I’m pursuing (which I will announce within the next week, I hope).

Until then, I’ll say that I firmly believe in staying fit as a martial arts instructor. However, dedicating so much time to this workout meant subtracting time from practicing my forms or doing my own research. I may write a future blog on the benefits of Insanity for martial artists, as so many moves can be effective training methods for strengthening your legs and core.

Additionally, I would substitute some moves out because they physically hurt me to perform. In addition to the aggravated hip I’ve mentioned in several posts, I seem to have placed some strain on what feels like my deltoid, making pushups difficult for the second half of the program. For pushup punches, specifically, I rooted myself in a strong stance and performed regular punches instead.

The only real disappointment for me was that I don’t feel like I carved the abs I felt like I was promised. Maybe I wasn’t performing the exercises just right. Maybe I ate too much – burning all those calories left me pretty hungry at times. Despite coming out of Insanity without a six-pack, I do feel like my physique has changed. I’ve noticed definition in a few areas I don’t think I had before, and I genuinely feel better about my physical stature.

If I chose to do another home fitness program like this, I would do it in the winter instead of the summer. I like to go for a run or bike ride under the hot sun and come back completely drenched. I missed out on the hottest days of the year by being inside and doing this program. Insanity provided no shortage of sweat, though.

For now, I’ll put more focus into my martial arts training. Maybe I’ll pop a DVD in when I need to spice things up a bit.