Insanity Checkpoint: Fit Test 3

I’m happy to report I managed to improve results in every one of the eight maneuvers that comprise Fit Test 3 in the Insanity fitness challenge. You may remember how I was somewhat disappointed that I only got seven out of eight in Fit Test 2.

Here are my results:

(Move – Fit Test 1 / Fit Test 2 / Fit Test 3)

Switch Kicks – 40 / 51 / 66

Power Jacks – 40/42 / 49

Power Knees – 67 / 80 / 85

Power Jumps – 13 / 25 / 26

Globe Jumps – 5 / 7 / 8

Suicide Jumps – 7 / 10 / 15

Pushup Jacks – 20 / 20 / 21

Low Plank Oblique – 34 / 44 / 50

My only goal in the pushup jacks was making sure I’d at least add one over the last Fit Test.

I also started performing the switch kicks at a lower height. My hips aren’t extremely flexible, and doing too many kicks at waist level means my hip bones grind together and result in an uncomfortable ache. Doing these kicks at roughly the height of my knees likely resulted in that higher score.

Another exercise that bothers me is the Level 1, 2 and 3 drills. Instead of sprinting with the mountain-climbers, I’ll just hold the plank position.

The Fit Test is an extremely tough workout. So tough that I decided to forego Shaun T’s prescribed circuit training afterward and save it for the following night. Instead, I sat in a chair with my head in my hands trying to make sure I wasn’t going to throw up.

It should be noted I completed this Fit Test during my sixth week of doing the program. I’ve decided not to do these workouts on days when I have martial arts practice, when is one or two days a week, depending on my instructors’ availabilities.

What has your experience with Insanity been? Are you sticking through it? Gave up after a month? Let me know by leaving me a comment.