Month: February 2018

DDPY Safety Zone

DDP Yoga Diamond Dozen: Safety Zone

The final posture in the DDP Yoga Diamond Dozen is actually the 13th movement (Dallas was never very good at math). It’s called Safety Zone. Safety Zone is more traditionally known as Child’s Pose. Unlike the other movements in the DDP Yoga Diamond Dozen, Safety Zone is meant to slow down your heart rate. It’s […]

DDPY Dynamic Resistance Punches

DDP Yoga Diamond Dozen: Dynamic Resistance Punches

There’s very few ways I can think of to relieve stress than to punch something. Or, at least, envision punching something. That’s why I love the DDP Yoga Dynamic Resistance Punches so much. I feel like I’m obliterating anything in front of me while I do it. Invariably, I’m asked the question about how to […]

DDPY Dynamic Resistance Rows

DDP Yoga Diamond Dozen: Dynamic Resistance Rows

This DDP Yoga position might be my favorite in the DDPY Diamond Dozen because I think it’s often underrated for its effectiveness. This is the Dynamic Resistance Row. How To Do DDP Yoga DR Rows You’ve already mastered Dynamic Resistance and Supported Lunge. Now, it’s time to add a new challenge. Stop by for yoga […]