Month: January 2018

DDPY Dynamic Resistance Cables and Curls

DDP Yoga Diamond Dozen: Dynamic Resistance Cables and Curls

It’s often said that DDP Yoga gets your heart pumping by just standing still, with no running, jumping, or lifting involved. My personal favorite way to demonstrate that is with DR Curls. How To Do Dynamic Resistance Curls You already know how to get dynamic resistance going from Ignition. In case you need a reminder, […]

DDPY Road Warrior

DDP Yoga Diamond Dozen: Road Warrior 1 and 2

Oh, what a rush! It’s time to talk about a staple in nearly any yoga system: Warrior 1 and Warrior 2. The difference in DDP Yoga is that Dallas renamed them to be Road Warrior 1 and Road Warrior 2 in honor of one of the greatest tag teams in pro wrestling history, the Road […]

DDPY Supported Lunge into Runners Lunge

DDP Yoga Diamond Dozen: Supported Lunge Into Space Shuttle

One of my all-time favorite exercises is the lunge. That might be why I like the DDP Yoga Supported Lunge Into Space Shuttle position in the DDPY Diamond Dozen so much. The Benefits of Lunges Much like the Push-up, the lunge features a whole host of benefits. Lunges strengthen, shape, and sculpt your lower body. […]

DDPY Dynamic Resistance Pushup

DDP Yoga Diamond Dozen: Slow-Burn Push-Ups

One of the most dreaded exercises—in my experience, at least—is the push-up. Push-ups, I think, are deceptively intimidating. They taunt you by saying, “But I’m just a bodyweight exercise!” Then, as you get into your plank set-up, you start to realize that your arms are bearing a good deal of your weight. You start to […]

DDPY Cat Lift and Cat Arch

DDP Yoga Diamond Dozen: Table Into Cat Stretch Into Broken Table

Before you get intimidated and think this is too many moves to do at once, you’re right—there’s a lot in this sequence. However, you begin and end on all fours. Plus, it feels great once you do it. It’s another total-body maneuver in the DDPY Diamond Dozen. In this sequence, I’ll explain how you go […]

DDPY Bar Back Into Forward Fold

DDP Yoga Diamond Dozen: Bar Back

If you’re looking for a stretch that will help hold back the effects of hours of sitting with bad posture and make your back feel better, Bar Back is for you. It’s one of the many tremendous positions in the DDPY Diamond Dozen. How To Do Bar Back Typically, at least in my sequences, you’ll […]

DDPY Cobra

DDP Yoga Diamond Dozen: Cobra Into Down Dog

Want a great stretch for your lower back? Cobra Into Down Dog is your jam. Cobra Into Down Dog is one of the few postures/sequences in the DDP Yoga Diamond Dozen that keeps its name from a more traditional yoga practice. How To Do Cobra Typically, I might do a Cobra immediately following a DDP […]

DDP Yoga Diamond Dozen: Catcher Into Thunderbolt

Often times, I find I need a thorough warm-up in my hips and knees, which are some of my body’s stiffest joints. That’s why I turn to Catcher Into Thunderbolt from DDP Yoga, and why I rely on it so heavily in my classes. Why It’s Called Catcher One of the things I liked right […]