DDPY Diamond Dozen: 13 Moves To Ace A DDPY Workout

DDPY Diamond Dozen

Every successful product starts with a plan. The plan features many building blocks that combine to achieve success. The building blocks of the DDPY (also known as DDP Yoga) fitness system is the Diamond Dozen.

On this page, you’ll learn:

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What Is The Meaning Of The DDPY Diamond Dozen?

The DDPY Diamond Dozen is made up of 13 movements.

In other words, it’s a baker’s dozen.

This series of moves works out every muscle in your body.

One thing you’ll notice right off the bat in DDPY is that there is no such thing as “poses.” In DDPY, the moves are labeled as positions. 

Each DDPY position will teach you how to create dynamic resistance, which, combined with your breathing, will give you an amazing workout that:

  1. Helps increase your heart rate to help you burn calories
  2. Increase your potential to burn fat and build strength
  3. Features no running, no jumping, and no lifting

What Moves Are In The DDPY Diamond Dozen?

Take a look at these 13 movements to get a great start with your DDP Yoga program: 

1. Ignition Into Touchdown

Ignition Into Touchdown is a key movement that helps to engage dynamic resistance. 

This movement is often the start of a DDPY sequence. 

You’ll feel all the muscles fire up in your body, from your toes up through your fingers. 

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2. Diamond Cutter

The Diamond Cutter is named after DDPY founder Diamond Dallas Page’s finishing move from his professional wrestling career. 

You’ll often see this at the end of a DDPY sequence. 

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3. Bar Back 

Bar Back is tremendous at helping lengthen your spine, and it’s a great setup for what often comes next – slow-burn push-ups!

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4. Catcher Into Thunderbolt

There’s no better way to loosen up tight thighs, hamstrings, and hips than with Catcher Into Thunderbolt. 

This position mimics the catcher position in baseball. 

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5. Slow-Burn Push-Ups

You’ve probably done a push-up, but the slow-burn aspect cranks up the difficulty. 

Push-ups are one of the most basic exercises there is, but they’re also one of the most challenging for people. 

This movement has a range of modifications to make it easier for beginners or for those building strength in their chest, shoulders, and triceps. 

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6. Cobra Into Down Dog

What a way to stretch out the back! 

Cobra is a great stretch you can do that requires only the ability to get down on the mat. 

Add in Down Dog to stretch and strengthen muscles all over your body! 

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7. Table Into Cat Stretch Into Broken Table

I’ve taught a number of people over the years who have low-back pain. 

I research what other current experts say about helping alleviate back pain.

Time and again, this stretch is one of the most popular exercises for the lower back. 

Known as “Cat-Cow” in traditional yoga, DDPY adds in sports rehab with the Broken Table aspect. 

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8. Supported Lunge Into Space Shuttle

Lunging is one of the basic movement patterns. We might lunge when we need to grab something from the floor, for example. 

Supported Lunge helps with balance, flexibility, and strength.

Add Space Shuttle at the beginning or end of a Supported Lunge, and your legs will be shaking. 

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9. Road Warriors 1 and 2

Oh, what a rush!

The Road Warrior positions are named after the legendary tag team known as the Road Warriors, also known as the Legion of Doom. 

These look similar to a lunge, but are in fact very different. They do a great job helping the hips to open up.

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10. Dynamic Resistance Cables Into Dynamic Resistance Curls

I love these because they can be done out of Catcher, Supported Lunge, or Road Warrior position. 

The cables and curls will help work not only your biceps, but your triceps, too! 

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11. Dynamic Resistance Rows

Rows are one of the most popular ways to work the back muscles.

In this pulling movement, imagine like you’re pulling a Mack truck toward you as you flex your lats, shoulder blades, and everything around them. 

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12. Dynamic Resistance Punches

One of my favorite moves is the DR Punch! 

The punch can help you in two ways.

With dynamic resistance, the punch focuses the effort in your arm and chest. It’s as if a force is preventing your punch from extending, but you’re so strong that it doesn’t even matter. 

With the fast-twitch punches, your core stability takes over. The quick effort requires a balanced body.

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13. Safety Zone

If any DDPY position or sequence gets to be too challenging, head into Safety Zone! 

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How Can I Modify the DDPY Diamond Dozen?

All of the DDPY Diamond Dozen moves can be modified.

If you’re using the app, any one of the instructors will call out how to modify the position.

Or, you can use the DDPY Rebuild Series or Chair Force to learn modifications.

Finally, a certified DDPY Level 1 or Level 2 instructor in your area is trained to offer modifications. If they also happen to be a certified personal trainer, they may be able to offer additional modifications, as well.

Learn how to put all of these moves together into an easy or challenging workout with a certified DDPY instructor. You can find a list here.

Photo by Anupam Mahapatra on Unsplash