DDP Yoga Diamond Dozen: Safety Zone

DDPY Safety Zone

The final posture in the DDP Yoga Diamond Dozen is actually the 13th movement (Dallas was never very good at math).

It’s called Safety Zone.

Safety Zone is more traditionally known as Child’s Pose.

Unlike the other movements in the DDP Yoga Diamond Dozen, Safety Zone is meant to slow down your heart rate. It’s where you go when you need a rest because your heart rate is too high or you just need a break.

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Safety Zone is a resting position.

How To Do Safety Zone

From Table, flatten your feet so that your insteps are touching the ground. Lower your hips and butt back so that you’re sitting on your heels. Meanwhile, your hands haven’t moved, so when you rock back, your arms and shoulders get a chance to stretch out. Tuck your chin and relax.

Your spine should be long, and you shouldn’t feel any pressure in your spine or your neck.

To come out of Safety Zone, lift your hips back up off your feet so that you’re back in Table.


Benefits of Safety Zone

In addition to the fact that it can slow your heart rate down from a hard workout, Safety Zone is also a great stretch of muscles in the front of and behind your body.

I use Safety Zone to help mobilize my shoulders before and after weightlifting sessions.

Now that you know how to do Safety Zone, why don’t you give it a shot with me? You have opportunities for me to help you out with this and all the rest of the DDPY positions!

Find the next class I’m teaching and join us!

Photo by Katee Lue on Unsplash

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