Great success: Week 5 of Warrior Dash training

Last week, I mentioned how I was planning on retooling my workout routine.

And it worked out great. I ran and lifted three days each this week.

Sure, I wasn’t running five days a week as I’d originally planned. But I feel I had more time to recharge in between runs. In fact, after two days off, I ran three miles in about 25 minutes tonight.

I’m also looking at making a slight increase in dumbbell weight this week, too.

Last week was especially fun. After a run on my typical route south of town, I was worried about my stamina after hitting the 2.5-mile mark. I had to stop and walk for the first time. Thinking I needed to switch things up, I went for a great jog through the park north of town where time and distance breezed by. On Friday, I met my other Warriors in Peoria to run through Springdale Cemetery. I was happy with my conditioning, considering we ran during the peak of the afternoon heat in a place I’ve never been before.

Tonight, I bumped up to my distance of the week, three miles. Next week is 3.5, and that Sunday will be the Warrior Dash. We’ve decided on Spartan warrior costumes.

Almost to the final stretch!