The final countdown: 6 days until the Warrior Dash

We are just six days away from the Warrior Dash.

And my training wasn’t up to the level it was last week.

On the positive side, I ran three times. I clocked 3 miles and 3.5 miles continuously on separate days. Between those runs, I tried to run at the time our race is, though I decided to go after I mowed. After 1.5 miles, I gave up. I was hot and exhausted, and I just didn’t feel like it.

On the negative side, I lifted no weights last week. I’d like to think I’ll be able to this week, but with two nights of martial arts practice, a new full-time job and everything that goes into being a successful student taking a summer course, I don’t know how realistic that will be.

Though I’m extremely busy this summer, my costume arrived tonight and it looks sweet. It’s kind of a shame its inaugural wearing will see it get sweaty and dirty.

My next Dash-related blog will be about the event, so stay tuned!