Adam Bockler teaches DDPY

Did You Know?

I’m the only certified DDPY instructor in the central Illinois area!


What Is DDPY?

DDPY combines yoga, traditional fitness, sports therapy, and dynamic resistance to create an amazing total-body fitness program.

Invented by former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page, DDPY is yoga for people who wouldn’t be caught dead doing yoga.


  1. Gives you a killer cardio workout by increasing your heart rate!
  2. Increases your flexibility!
  3. Strengthens your core muscles!

DDPY does this all with minimal joint impact because there is…

  • No running
  • No jumping
  • No lifting

Who Is DDPY For?

DDPY is great for professional athletes, as well as regular, everyday people. These include:

  1. Weightlifters
  2. Powerlifters
  3. Bodybuilders
  4. CrossFitters
  5. Runners
  6. Cyclists
  7. MMA fighters
  8. And so much more!

What Are The Benefits Of DDPY?

Think of DDPY as cardi-yoga!

Benefits include:

  1. Body fat loss
  2. Lean muscle growth
  3. Improved cardiovascular performance
  4. Minimal joint impact


What Do I Need To Bring To Class?

I recommend you have the following 7 items with you to class, but there are 3 essentials:

  1. Water
  2. Yoga Mat & Towel – Shop Yoga Mats & Props at YogaOutlet.com
  3. Heart Monitor – The Wahoo Tickr X pairs with the DDP Yoga Now app!