7 Things You Need For Every DDPY Class

Have you tried DDPY yet?

If not, you may be wondering what you need for class.

Even if you’re a DDPY veteran, there may still be some equipment you need!

Whether it’s your first class or your 100th, these are your must-haves for every DDPY class you attend.

1. Water Bottle

I have done hundreds of DDPY workouts since I began the program in 2013, and I’ve only forgotten my water a handful of times.

Each time I do, I pause the app, stop what I’m doing, and run to grab it real quick.


Drinking water is essential during DDPY because it helps keeps our bodies lubricated and replenish our sweat.

Make sure you have a water bottle handy!

2. Yoga Mat

The best equipment on which to do DDPY is a yoga mat.

Yoga mats stick to the floor so you’re not sliding all around, and they help support you in the various DDPY positions.

Use a yoga mat to get the biggest benefit from this workout.

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3. Towel

Of course, sometimes you can’t help but slip during a DDPY workout.

That’s why you need a towel.

Wipe up sweat—and maybe some water that didn’t quite hit the mark—with a towel that’s within arm’s reach. That way, you’ll be less likely to fall during an extended period of lunges.

Bonus points for using that towel to help get you in positions you never thought you could. (I’ve used a towel to get in Wrap & Burn many times.)

4. Heart Rate Monitor

By using a heart rate monitor, you’ll know how easy or how challenging to make DDPY at all times throughout your workout.

Know when to engage your muscles to push your heart rate into your fat-burning zone.

And, know when to disengage if you’re working too hard.

I use the Wahoo Tickr X for my workouts. It’s nice because it works with the DDPY app, but it also works for other workouts like running and biking.

5. DDPY App

What better way to track your heart rate with the DDPY Now app!

The app helps you:

  • Identify your target heart rate zones.
  • Know whether you’re below, in line with, or above your zone for optimal fat burning.
  • See how many calories you’ve burned.

Plus, every workout you log on the DDPY app gives you points. Accrue enough points and you can redeem them for some sweet DDPY merch.

New users can get a free 7-day trial to the app, but as a DDPY instructor, I can get you a 30-day free trial.

6. Mat Sling

Yoga mats are great, but they take up a lot of space.

After your finish your workout, use your towel or a disinfecting wipe to clean your mat. Then, roll it up and put it in a sling so you can store it until your next workout and move it to a different location.

7. Yoga Strap

I’ll be the first one to tell you that I’m not the most flexible person.

That’s why I sometimes use a yoga strap.

By putting my foot in the loop or even just standing on it, I can use the strap to help take my body just a little bit further and deeper into a stretch.

My favorite DDPY positions to use the strap are Roundhouse and Wrap & Burn, but you can use it for others, too.

8. Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks are stable foam pieces that help with stability in DDPY positions. I’ve used a yoga block in each of the following positions to help with my balance on a day where I just wasn’t feeling like going all-out:

  • Lunge
  • Extended Side Angle
  • Standing Split
  • Bent-Legged Bar Back
  • Stiff-Legged Bar Back
  • Road Warrior 3
  • Broken Hood Ornament
  • Can Opener

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