Reworking my Warrior Dash training: Week 4

After last week’s brush with injuries and knowing how much time exercising five days a week is going to take up, I’ve decided to adjust my Warrior Dash training.

Instead of running five days a week, I’ll be reducing that number to three. I feel like I can make just as much progress if I cut two days out. So that means I’ll be running and lifting dumbbells three days a week.

I can already feel that, three weeks in, I’m feeling burned out of forcing myself to run so much. And as the distance increases, I feel like my body should take more time to recover in between.

And if those excuses sound weak, well – it’s my summer, dammit, and I want to still find time to do some things. I’m finally starting to get more hours at the store, and starting next week, I’ll be taking a class into the month of July. I’ll drive myself crazy just doing school and working. I don’t need the pressure of working out every day on my mind.

Plus, with various martial arts practices and trying to find some time to study for the GRE I plan to take in August, I have my mind on other things.

I know I can endure the Warrior Dash after running the Jingle Bell, another 5K, back in 2009. Speed isn’t my goal. My only mission for this race is to do a better job than I did in the Jingle Bell, which isn’t even that lofty.

As far as last week’s progress goes, I wound up working out five days in a row – riding my bike after stubbing my toe so bad I limped for the next day, and then running the next four, with three sessions of weights sprinkled in.

I also wound up buying whey protein powder again for the first time in several years. I’m not a dieter by any means, but I have a few rules I keep for myself that I think has helped me lose upwards of 50 pounds over the last four years. Perhaps in another blog, I’ll share my tips. for what they’re worth.


  • Warrior Dash

    June 1, 2011 @ 9:11 pm

    Oh my! Are you trying to kill yourself. Your training is too much dude. If I were in your shoes, I’ll in up lying in the hospital bed.

    • Adam

      June 1, 2011 @ 10:34 pm

      Yeah, but the full-time internship I landed will start soon and eat up much of my prime workout time. Best to get heavy training in now and then try to position workouts in when I can at night.

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