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I Walk 10,000 Steps A Day. Does That Count As My Exercise?

“Gotta get my steps in today.” “I didn’t exercise, but at least I got my steps.” “How many steps are you at today?” Chances are that you or someone you know is seemingly obsessed with their step count. To me, it’s as if they didn’t achieve 10,000 steps, they would be struck down by the […]

Why I Ditched the Fitbit Charge HR

This past week, news broke about a class-action lawsuit Fitbit Charge HR now faces due to inaccurate and dangerously low heart rate readouts. The Fitbit Charge HR is the only heart rate monitor I’ve ever used. I first bought it in February of 2015 to use for DDPYoga, but also because I was curious about […]

How The Fitbit Charge HR Changed How I Do DDPYoga

You probably know by now I’m an advocate of the DDPYoga fitness system. I first picked it up in August 2013 after listening to Diamond Dallas Page talk about it at length during a profanity-laden episode of the Steve Austin Show. However, after hundreds of workouts, I only picked up a heart rate monitor for […]