DDPYoga Seminar in Indianapolis at USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame

A year after being inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Karate Black Belt of the Year, I’m headed back to teach a free DDPYoga seminar.

After doing the program for the past 20 months, I’ve decided to become a certified DDPYoga instructor. This seminar is a win for both of us – I get teaching experience, and you’ll get a kickass workout!

What’s DDPYoga?

Diamond Dallas Page created this style of yoga to help heal injuries from high-impact sports. As he went along, he found how it could help others.

What can DDPYoga do for a martial artist?

Adam Bockler and Diamond Dallas Page pose at a DDPYoga event in LaSalle, ILFlexibility has never been my strong suit. Most people are surprised when I tell them that despite the fact I’m a black belt, I can’t touch my toes. They’re taken aback when I tell them I only need to be able to kick to the groin at the highest.

But, I can’t tell you how good I feel when I do a DDPYoga workout that really focuses on the hips and knees. I feel loose and ready for a hard practice or competition.

What can I expect at the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame?

As Dallas likes to say, I hope you’ll be “sweatin’ and swearin’.”

Martial arts instructors love putting their students through bodyweight exercises. Many encourage their students to go for runs or do weight training.

With DDPYoga, there are no weights involved. We won’t be running in circles around a gym. You’re gonna stay in one spot and you’re gonna sweat your butt off like never before.


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