Martial Arts

Adam Bockler teaches the martial arts of karate and tai chi chuan

I’m currently teaching private martial arts lessons.

Martial Arts For Children & Teens

I teach martial arts for children and teens to:

  • Improve their focus and concentration
  • Improve themselves
  • Setting goals
  • Develop with coordination, balance, and strength
  • Teach self-awareness and self-defense
  • And more!

I primarily focus on teaching Okinawan karate to younger students.


Martial Arts For Adults

I also teach martial arts for adults.

Here, I focus on:

  • Self-awareness
  • Balance
  • Flexibility

While I will teach elements of both, adults can choose whether they’d like more of a focus on karate or in tai chi chuan.


About My Martial Arts Experience

  • I hold black belt ranks in Okinawan karate, tai chi chuan, and Hsing-i chuan
  • I’m a 3-time inductee into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame for Karate Black Belt of the Year, Leading Seminar Instructor of the Year, Leading Martial Arts Instructor of the Year
  • I’ve been practicing and teaching martial arts to children and adults since 2003


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