Martial Arts in Metamora

Adam Bockler teaches the martial arts of karate and tai chi chuan

I’m currently teaching private martial arts lessons at my home in Metamora to teens looking to compete in forms and sparring at a tournament in spring 2022.


$75 For Karate Classes

Parents: Your child can try out karate classes in Metamora for $75 from now until the end of the year!

I’m looking for 1-2 junior high / high school students to join our competition team for a March competition. Now is the time to get started so your student will have all the tools they’ll need to compete!

We train most Thursday evenings from 6:15-7:15 (with a few shifts due to other conflicts—see below) at my home near MTHS.

November classes:

  • Thursday, Nov. 11
  • Tuesday, Nov. 16
  • Thursday, Nov. 18
  • Tuesday, Nov. 23


December classes:

  • Every Thursday except Dec. 9 (we’ll likely move to Tuesday this week due to an MGS chorus concert).


This offer expires Nov. 30! The sooner you sign up, the quicker your child starts learning karate! This price is as low as $8 a class!

We train on new, clean mats in my basement (or garage if it’s warm enough).

*Your child must be fully vaccinated from COVID-19 to train with us.


Martial Arts For Children & Teens

I teach martial arts for children and teens to:

  • Provide opportunities for activity during other sports’ off-seasons
  • Improve their focus and concentration
  • Improve themselves
  • Setting goals
  • Develop coordination, balance, and strength
  • Teach self-awareness and self-defense
  • And more!

I primarily focus on teaching Okinawan karate to younger students.


Martial Arts For Adults

I also teach martial arts for adults with an emphasis on:

  • Self-awareness and self-defense
  • Balance
  • Flexibility

While I will teach elements of both arts, adults can choose whether they’d like more of a focus on karate or tai chi chuan.


About My Martial Arts Experience

  • I hold black belt ranks in Okinawan karate, and tai chi chuan / Hsing-i chuan
  • I’m a 3-time inductee into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame for:
    • Karate Black Belt of the Year
    • Leading Seminar Instructor of the Year
    • Leading Martial Arts Instructor of the Year
  • I’ve competed (and won) in national-level competitions.
  • I’ve been practicing and teaching martial arts to children and adults in Metamora, Germantown Hills, and Spring Bay since 2003


About My Other Fitness Experience

One way I stand out from other martial arts instructors is that I hold a personal trainer certification through ACE Fitness. I’ve also completed ACE’s Fitness Nutrition specialization. In short, I’m credentialed to help increase martial arts abilities through personal training and nutrition!


Contact me for more information!