The Complete Guide To The DDP Yoga Diamond Dozen

DDPY Diamond Dozen

Every successful product starts with a plan.

The plan – the blueprint, if you will – for DDP Yoga is the Diamond Dozen.

The DDP Yoga Diamond Dozen is made up of 13 movements. In other words, it’s a baker’s dozen.

The series will teach you how to create dynamic resistance, which, combined with your breathing, will give you an amazing workout that:

  1. Helps increase your heart rate to help you burn calories
  2. Increase your potential to burn fat and build strength
  3. Features no running, no jumping, and no lifting

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The DDP Yoga Diamond Dozen

Take a look at these 13 movements to get a great start with your DDP Yoga program.

1. Ignition Into Touchdown

2. Diamond Cutter

3. Bar Back (Bent Leg and Straight Leg)

4. Catcher Into Thunderbolt

5. Cobra Into Down Dog

6. Slow-Burn Push-Ups

7. Table Into Cat Stretch Into Broken Table

8. Supported Lunge Into Space Shuttle

9. Road Warriors 1 and 2

10. Dynamic Resistance Cables Into Dynamic Resistance Curls

11. Dynamic Resistance Rows

12. Dynamic Resistance Punches

13. Safety Zone

Find A Certified DDP Yoga Instructor

Learn how to put all of these moves together into an easy or challenging workout with a certified DDP Yoga instructor. You can find a list here.

Of course, I teach DDP Yoga with the Metamora Park District. I also offer 1:1 personal training, small group training, and the 60-Day Challenge at Titan Fitness.

Photo by Anupam Mahapatra on Unsplash

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