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DDPY Cobra

DDP Yoga Diamond Dozen: Cobra Into Down Dog

Want a great stretch for your lower back? Cobra Into Down Dog is your jam. Cobra Into Down Dog is one of the few postures/sequences in the DDP Yoga Diamond Dozen that keeps its name from a more traditional yoga practice. How To Do Cobra Typically, I might do a Cobra immediately following a DDP […]

DDP Yoga Diamond Dozen: Catcher Into Thunderbolt

Often times, I find I need a thorough warm-up in my hips and knees, which are some of my body’s stiffest joints. That’s why I turn to Catcher Into Thunderbolt from DDP Yoga, and why I rely on it so heavily in my classes. Why It’s Called Catcher One of the things I liked right […]

DDP Yoga Diamond Dozen: Diamond Cutter

Make no mistake: the Diamond Cutter is the signature move of the DDP Yoga program. If you’ve followed along with the DDP Yoga DVDs, the app, or you’ve attended an in-person workshop or class, you’ve “felt the bang,” so to speak. Why It’s Called The Diamond Cutter The Diamond Cutter is the first of several […]

DDPY Touchdown

DDP Yoga Diamond Dozen: Ignition Into Touchdown

One of the first DDP Yoga positions you’re likely to encounter is Ignition Into Touchdown. As foundational as all of the movements in the DDPY Diamond Dozen are, this one is perhaps the easiest way to start feeling dynamic resistance, which is what sets DDP Yoga apart from other yoga programs. To understand why this […]