Author: Adam Bockler

how many carbs should I eat?

How Many Carbs Should I Eat?

Several months ago, I overheard Person A talking to Person B about what he did to lose weight.  Person B: “So how’d you lose all that weight?” Person A: “I cut my carbs down to next to nothing,” he said. “Now I’m down 40 pounds!” Person B: “Hm, I might have to try that!” I […]

tips to restore flexibliity

3 Tips That Will Restore Your Flexibility

Running long distances and lifting heavy weights is cool and all, but do you complement that with flexibility exercises?  No matter your activity, stretching provides a number of benefits: You’ll see an improvement in your activities of daily living, such as bending, squatting, lunging, stepping over things Your posture will improve so you can sit […]

Mental Health Is More Important Than Ever This May

While 1 in 5 people will experience a mental illness during their lifetime, everyone faces challenges in life that can impact their mental health. The good news is there are practical tools that everyone can use to improve their mental health and increase resiliency – and there are ways that everyone can be supportive of […]

10 reasons to try DDPY

10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need DDP Yoga

Chances are you’ve seen something about DDP Yoga online. Maybe you’re a wrestling fan who knows Diamond Dallas Page.  Or maybe you’ve seen one of the amazing DDP Yoga transformations, such as Arthur Boorman: Or maybe you’ve never heard of DDP Yoga, and this is your introduction to it.  If you haven’t yet, here are […]

home workouts no equipment

How To Work Out At Home With No Equipment

Yesterday, Governor Pritzker ordered Illinoisans to shelter in place until April 7 in order to curb the spread of COVID-19.  Nonessential businesses—including gyms—will be closed during this time.   Area fitness centers are responding to this by providing workouts you can do at home or virtual workouts. In addition to the home workouts I compiled earlier […]

8 tips for choosing a group fitness class

7 Tips To Help You Choose A Workout Class

Group fitness classes are a staple of the fitness world, and rightfully so.  After all, multiple studies demonstrate the effectiveness of weight loss in groups.  But with all of your options, how can you choose?  Keep reading to find out!  1. What Are You Looking For?  Knowing what you want out of an exercise class […]

3 fat-burning home winter workouts

3 Workouts You Can Do At Home In The Winter

Working out in the winter can be challenging. After all, maybe you’ve missed your morning workout because you’ve spent the last 30 minutes clearing the overnight snow off your driveway.  Or you don’t want to make it to your usual gym or rec center for your usual workout because it’s just too stinkin’ cold outside.   […]

Adam’s 2019 Fitness Flashbacks

It’s that time of year for you to begin or restart your fitness journey.  As we embark on 2020, I wanted to look back at some of my personal fitness highlights in 2019.  Many of these highlights could be posts entirely on their own because of the experiences I had or the people I encountered […]


I Walk 10,000 Steps A Day. Does That Count As My Exercise?

“Gotta get my steps in today.” “I didn’t exercise, but at least I got my steps.” “How many steps are you at today?” Chances are that you or someone you know is seemingly obsessed with their step count. To me, it’s as if they didn’t achieve 10,000 steps, they would be struck down by the […]